The professional network created by and for secretaries,
assistants and office managers of Paris/IDF


A professionnal active and dynamic network since 2008

Cercle Assist'Pro is a non-profit association ruled by the 1901 Act, registered at the Paris Prefecture . It has no union or political affiliation. Our network includes Assistants and Secretaries working in companies of all sizes, in all sectors. It allows those working as assistants and secretaries not only to collect information on the standing and the evolution of their job, the latest professional updates but also to meet other members of the trade to share and enhance their experiences and know-how

The associative network is the only body representing our trade. And to be more and better represented, we need your support! Your support, your membership will help sustain our fields of action and broaden our visibility. Talk about our network and our actions around you. Download and share our Cercle Assist'Pro brochure [click here]


Our objectives

The goals of our network are essentially maintaining the drive of the experts as assistant, helping them to enhance and reinforce their employability and going beyond the needs of companies and managers.

* Building up a network of competencies and facilitating a greater sense of belonging to the Group for its members, for a better exchange and experiences sharing.

* Supporting the professionalism of our members and allow them to develop and get new skills in order to maintain their expertise at the highest level.

* Helping the members of the network to take up the numerous challenges and changes inherent to the profession with enthusiasm and confidence.

* Supporting job repositioning and members' career. Giving priority to a climate favourable to the return to employment using the approach of networking based on exchange, sharing experiences and mutual support.

* Striving to facilitate the contacts with teachers, trainers and students to bring them our area of expertise. Giving them a real picture of the lay of the land that is useful to cover the various aspects of this profession. Enabling teachers to enrich their educational contents by sharing their vocational experience.

* Providing data monitoring on the evolution of the job as assistant, business trends and professional practices in order to keep on meeting companies' requirements.


Our actions

* Proposing to the members of the network activities dedicated to professional and personal development
This is with a view to allow them to acquire new skills and upgrade their vocational evolution via conferences, training session on office technology, language courses, VAE ,

* Carrying out a core business monitoring and prospective surveys
To better understand the evolution and the issues associated to our profession, implement actions and target our topics of conferences and workshops to be in line with the market and the companies.

* Developing a synergy between Education and the training stakeholders
We are regularly involved in sharing vocational experiences in schools and high schools. The mains objectives of this action are to support the orientation for young people by focusing on the challenges the profession implies, to make them understand that it takes time to build a career path, to raise their awareness of the working life and to bring them to the maximum of their commitment to reflecting on their professional future.

* Attending examination Boards (BTS, baccalaureate, VAE)
Our presence to the examination Board allows us to provide a perception of the labour market in line with the business community thanks to our know-how, our knowledge of the job requirements and its evolution. Therefore, with the teachers, we evaluate the candidates who prepare their diplomas in the assistant profession.

* An active presence by taking part in the specialist exhibitions
every year, CAP is attending the trade fairs dedicated to assistants. Keep up with our news in the section « The News » and come and visit us on our exhibition stand!.


The board members




Camille BERCY