The professional network created by and for secretaries,
assistants and office managers of Paris/IDF


What about you ? Do you want to be a business partner to our network ?

Cercle Assist'Pro offer you a partnership based on trust and respect to our commitments. From timely donation to sustainable partnership, companies are more and more likely to play the card of solidarity and support our association. Corporates, SMB, each of them bring their support according to their means in order to enable the development of our professional network.

The partnership models are multiple : hosting conferences and/or workshops, sponsoring our events,media support, competencies mentoring, financial donation, lending rooms for our events, giving goodies/products, internal events, product-sharing, ...

Whatever your objectives and means are, we invite you to collaborate on a joint project that makes sense to your company and our association. We give you the choice between our “partnership packages” or together building up a customized offer. When Cercle Assist’Pro establishes strong relationships with its partners, it is always in a process of building and maintaining a lasting winning relationship so that everyone can find their own interests to ensure full transparency.

You wish to have more information or become our partner; let’s talk about it together ! Contact  Yolande Laffont (by e- mail).


Recruitment section

To HR Directors, recruitment agencies, companies, associations,… are you looking for an Assistant ? Our plateform dedicated to “Employment” allows you to save money on your recruitments. We give you the possibility to publish your job advertisements and requests for internship but also to visit our CV database made of professional candidates who are looking for a job, from all profiles (from junior to senior) and operating in all areas: Executive Assistants, bilingual or trilingual P/A, legal assistants, office managers, HR assistants…

If you have only one-time requirements, or urgent need due to immediate delivery of a file, or any extra activity, you can call on the services of our freelance assistants, members to our professional network.

To know the operating procedure and conditions, please contact Yolande Laffont (by e-mail).

Professionnal trade shows
Every year Cercle Assist'Pro is partner of events dedicated to assistants and at the same time attends trade shows dedicated to professional assistants. Please come and visit us at our stand! We‘ll be glad to see you there!
The Bedouk Show in February
It is the largest professional exhibition of MICE France since 14 years with 500 exhibitors and more than 7000 visitors. A program with conferences and demos during all of the exhibition. In 2014, the assistants are priviledged invitees with among other things a space and a program dedicated to them.  Visit the exhibitors to support you in the organization of your seminars, attend the conferences at the heart of your business score and enjoy the animationson spot

Assist Party in April
On this evening, the professionals of the assistant trade will celebrate assistants. Celebrations, discoveries, meetings will take place in a very friendly atmosphere to facilitate exchanges between participants.
Assist Manager Convention in May
This professional day dedicated to assistants, stresses interactivity and value skills. Between meet-ups, exchanges and important moments, this is the place to be to remain a high achieving assistant and stay tuned to the market.
Assistant Trade Show in September
The event is dedicated to all assistants. Conferences/ trainings will help you in your activity and will contribute to a personal fulfillment. The trade show is also a place to exchange and share experiences.
Forum National du Secrétariat in November
The oldest event dedicated to the Assistantship and Secretariat businesses. Every year, it is centered on a specific theme and it offers several conferences covering different aspects of the program.
Job-search assistance / Career transition
Since January 2nd, 2014 we have implemented a program of job-search assistance and providing support to members who undergo career transition – the program « Aiming for Success ». The program starts with a conference on the Assistants labor market, and continues with 2 workshops per month, presented by professionals.
Temp agency and recruitment specialized in executive assistants, specialist assistants, office management & overhead services. [To visit the website click here]
Temp agency and recruitment in 3 families of professions: executive assistants, HR, and legal. [To visit the website click here]
Organization whose purpose is to provide services and advice to companies and managers or young graduates who have completed higher education, on any subjects relating to managers’ labor market. [To visit the website click h ere]


Synergy with education
Strong commitments to the Education system and close collaboration with teachers allow student(s) who have committed in the course of the office businessto better understand the job provide them our expertise in the area. Our actions: on-site meeting at schools, testimonies by assistants, participation to exam juries, design case studies, ...

Signature of a convention with the Académie de Paris
For the new Bac Pro Management/Administration (fusion of Bac Pro secretary and Bac Pro accounting), members of Cercle Assist'Pro participated to an information seminar where more than 150 teachers were present. The members talked about their live experience, explained the trade evolution for « Administrative Management Assistants » what companies were expecting from them and the required skills. Other actions will be implemented over 2012 to encourage synergy between the Académie de Paris/teachers/Cercle Assist'Pro in order to bring them and the students, the trade expertise. To visit the website [click here]
High school Maurice Ravel - Paris 20è
During professional evenings Cercle Assist'Pro's assistants share with BTS students their professional live experience, the passion for their trade, answer questions, give students awareness about the trade challenges and make them understand how to build a professional career. They also take part to BTS juries where the presence of professionals has become mandatory. To visit the website [click here]

Profesionnal High school Voilin - Puteaux
Cercle Assist'Pro participated into the “Excellence Forum” dedicated to secondary school pupils in 4 th and 3 rd grade. It aimed at raising their awareness on the labor market and have them think about their professional guidance for their future.To visit the website [click here]
High school Cassin - Paris 16è
Assistants with varied professional experiences share about the diversity of this trade to pupils studying secretariat or assistant management. Participation to juried exams. Presentation of the trade during the Trade Forum.
Secondary school Dolto - Paris 20è
Cercle Assist'Pro has participated to the ”Forum of l'excellence" dedicated to pupils in primary schools. The forum was meant to give awareness to the professional world and make pupils think about their orientation and professional future.
They share their expertise with us
These experts come for Cercle Assist’Pro free of charge and we are very grateful to them for the confidence they show us. Dear members, trust them back and do not hesitate to talk about them in your business and make use of their services. In addition, they grant preferential rates to our members. If you want to know more about it, please refer to the Membership Section – CAP Forum.
Consultant and MBTI expert. Manager of the HR Consultancy Company HORIZON REUSSITE. Visit the website
Consultant and Trainer, she leads conferences on the organization of the work, the communication and any themes were bound to the personal development. Visit the website
Jean-Luc MERKX
Expert in team building, project leadership and team play management. Visit the website
Teaches relational communication using the Method ESPERE®. Visit the website
Founder and Executive Manager to Pygmalion Communication. Consultancy,  training and coaching in oral, behavourial and managerial communication. Visit the website
Expert and guest speaker on « the Emotional Intelligence » : ability to mobilize non-intellectual resources such as motivation, optimism, self-confidence, creativity... Visit his blog
Aude ROY
Non verbal communication expert, trainer, coach and conference speaker. Visit the website
Founder of ReaClic. Web head of communications and of the Community Management at the European Business School. Visit the website
Ysabelle LE MILLIN
Expert in oral and written communication. Founder of the method MERAS and MERASA .Visit the website
Christine HARACHE
Discover her blog ”The Assistants' blog": click herei
  Camille L
Designer Image Consultant. Visit the website
Philippe RODET
Emergency doctor humanist. Founder of the Info Stress Circle. Visit the website
Guillaume TERRIEN
Founder of the French language training platform. Teacher and consultant, he won the French spelling championship. Visit the website
Laurence MOLLET
Conviction and leadership, communication and development coaching, career transition coaching, workshop lead. Visit the website
Co-founder and Associate Director of Nextcreativity. Visit the website
Managing Director of Média Mice -Tourism and Incentive agency
Dorothée BAZIN
Consultant -Trainer. Visit the website
Christophe MEDICI
Psycho sociologist. Created the High Quality Relation Method. Visit the website
Dominique CHARMES
Professional coach. Visit the website
Lahouaria HADDI
Coaching - Training - Professional come back . See her information booklet
Danielle MIZRAHI
Consultant Coach – Management training consultant. Visit the website
Jacqueline GARNERONE
Trainer and consultant in interpersonal communication and management theory for the intermediary executives
Anne-Sophie BOUTRY
Graphologist, communication and personal development consultant. Visit the website
Béatrice CARROT
Consultant – Trainer in organization and personal efficiency. Visit the website
Comedian and author of books on Spelling. Visit the website
They welcome us, offering their services and/or products
These business partners support Cercle Assist’Pro free of charge and we are very grateful to them for the confidence they show us. Dear members, trust them back and do not hesitate to talk about them in your business and make use of their services. In addition, they grant preferential rates to our members. If you want to know more about it, please refer to the Membership Section – CAP Forum.
Consultancy agency that helps you prepare, plan, implement and complete your personal and professional projects. Whether you are yourself a working professional, having an eye on the labor market or looking for a job, be sure that your RESSOURCES will open up new HORIZONS to achieve SUCCESS. To visit the website [click here]
Bolstered by a fleet of 12 boats, the Bateaux Parisiens Group is offering solutions dedicated to companies for all of your events (from 2 to 340 guests): seminars, business lunches, breakfasts and diner-cruises, parties, cocktails.... A team is by your side to implement your event according to your objectives. To visit the website [click here]

Their private rooms are at your disposal for the organization of all of your events. They propose all-inclusive packages for your seminars (meeting room, welcome coffee, coffee breaks, lunches, equipments) or are flexible to your requirements according to your events. To visit the website [click here]

Selects the best Event providers and makes exclusive attractive offers to companies. When becoming a member (registration is free), you can benefit from many advantages : apart from promotional offers, it puts you in direct contact with partners, offers venue choices, event activities, and up to 50 % exclusive discounts. To visit the website [click here]
Ideal venue for your seminars, cocktails, product launches… this sumptuous, atypical and authentical appartment dating back to the 18th century, located in a building classified as a Historical Monument, has 5 fully adjustable lounges ranging from 21m² to 66m². This space offers lots of assets, and is ideally situated in the heart of Paris, near the subway and numerous car parks. To visit the website [click here]

A team of technicians and IT Specialists who provides their services in different areas to individuals and associations: PC assembling, software setup, webmastering, IT repair and maintenance (equipments and softwares), training –To visit the website [click here]


If you want to create visual identities, logos, illustrations, websites, graphic charts… Designer Graphique uses a method based on dialog and permanent exchanges with its customers, thus enabling a tailor-made work adapted to your projects . To visit the website [click here]

The privileged location of the hotel, between the quarters of the Champs Elysées and the Opéra, makes of the hotel an ideal facility for any purpose of travel. Hotel Astor Saint-Honoré is the optimal choice for seamlessly combining your seminar, a conference, or a presentation with having the best of Paris at your fingertips, to stimulate brainstorming , even outside business hours ! The five halls of the Hotel Astor Saint-Honoré , can accommodate up to 70 persons. They all have logistical and audio-visual equipment. To visit the website [click here]

We have more than 20 years experience in events organization – seminars, conventions, product launches… Benefit from our premises all located in a unique place, and from our modular meeting rooms that can accommodate groups of all sizes from 15 persons and more. A project manager will be dedicated to you. Together with our team of more than 200 professionals, he will build your event in detail. To visit the website [click here]

This company develops and commercializes evaluation tests and skills certification on professional informatics tools. The TOSA® is the first Job Performance standard and universal certification of professional informatics' skills (Word, Excel, PowerPoint). The TOSA® certification obtained by the candidate and approved with a score reaching 1000 can be checked online by the recruiter. The TOSA® can be financed with a DIF under certain conditions . To visit the website [click here]

To get rid of spelling mistakes once and for all! To get back to level, to improve, avoid pitfalls and master French language subtelities. Orthodidacte is a fun training platform. It is dedicated to making spelling attractive thanks to fun activities (games, graphics, customized environment, videos...). To visit the website [click here]

It is a tourism and incentive agency that helps you organize your events, gives you advice in communication and venue finder service. Thanks to its strategic vision and its specialized professional supports (event planners, audio-video techniques, animations, travels, musical creations ...) Media Mice ensures your events are a success. MediaMice is a company of the group Consortium d'évènements. To contact them [click here]

This is a French hotel chain, gathering more than 150 independent hotels across the world; HOTELS & PREFERENCE is first of all the promise of an irreproachable service. Spa, golf, Grande cuisine or Design, its 4 and 5 stars hotels guarantee a pure journey and change of scenery. To visit the website [click here]
They deal with change for companies and people, change that influences their own performances and the ones of their teams. Their know-how: individual coaching, outplacement, internal mobility, teambuilding, team coaching and training. To visit the website [click here]

Their specificities: they are convinced that management, change, development, innovation are fed with people's creativity. Nextcreativity builds Nextcreativity with talent and expertise. It offers 3 types of services: Off the beaten track strategies, connected visibility and accompaniment for change. It can be training, entertainment, and accompaniment. To visit the website [click here]

We help companies develop their activities by reconciling the market needs and the well being of their Human resources. Our approach helps you finding and using the untapped resources of your company thanks to pleasant and lively interventions leading to real solutions; No risk, no tricks, no chance, our ”management games” recreate a fictive universe representing an aspect of professional life and offers you challenges requesting you use your individual and collective skills. To visit the website [click here]
Caroline, who used to own a restaurant in Paris , has a passion for good food and developed a real art for authentic cooking. Caterer, home cook, Chef Caro invites herself at your place and offers you a reception in your own image (cocktail, buffet...). Cooking lessons for individuals and companies: this culinary training will show you techniques and tips of authentic cooking and tastes combinations. To visit the website [click here]
Delicious tray meals hot and cold, sandwiches delivered directly at your office. L'Affiche provides meal services in restaurants and prestigious venue locations for your seminars ( Eiffel Tower restaurants, The Roland Garros, restaurants of the Hippodromes in Paris and its region, lunches/cruise lunches/dinners, mansions...). To visit the website [click here]

This recruitment agency is exclusively specialized in selecting bilingual and multilingual assistants and secretaries, for international companies based in Paris and its surroundings. To visit the website [click here]
Creates and realizes touristic programs and tailor-made events to (re-)discover Paris in a different way. For professionals and individuals. To visit the website [click here]

Un Château en Espagne is an agency providing a customized and innovating service for your business lunches, your events in apartments of private locations. Un Château en Espagne®, is a flexible organization leading a conductor role for its providers. To visit the website [click here]


This mansion of the 16th arrondissement of Paris, the one and only wine real estate, rents its rooms for your meetings, seminars, dinners, cocktails, receptions... It also organizes guided visits of the vineyard, wine storehouse, wine tasting, oenology lessons. (Reception capacity of 90 seated persons, 250 for a cocktail). Gardens of the mansion are also available for your events . To visit the website [click here]

Maryse Hania and Nathalie Bogren are professionals of Management and Teaching. Passionate by the diversity and the treasures of women, they created Natmatiss, the first training body that accompanies women in their life project, because personal consistency reinforces professional charisma. To visit the website [click here]

This studio gathers several skill groups in the following fields: Graphic creation. Printing. Screen printing. Website creation. Professional blogs. Our experience enables us to understand your expectations, your needs and ensure a global service, by providing you an objective and relevant advice. To visit the website [click here]