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Some books to help you in everyday life
  "Muster your emotional ressources " by Joël et Sean LUZI - Dunod Editions

What if the entrepreneurial success was a government issue?  Entrepreneurship is a challenging experience that require 100% of its ressources. If poorly regulated, the emotions can limit the performance, in contrast, they can also be a key success factor. This book provides all the necessary keys to understanding the emotional and behavioural mechanisms and to understanding how to muster them in order to increase success.

With simple and concrete tools, directly applicable, the entrepreneur will be more efficient facing the many situations he will encounter. More than 40 testimonies of entrepreneurs.

  "The Coué méthod " by Luc TEYSSIER d'ORFEUIL & Jean Pierre MAGNES - Eyrolles Publications

The Coué Method invites everyone to look successfully to the future throughconscious autosuggestion. Supported by concrete examples, this guide proposes you a practical initiation to the first, simple and efficient cognitive behaviouralapproach. Learn to make use your imagination to carefullywork out the wrinkles of anegative scenario and enjoy the benefits of the positive thinking.

"The positive thinkingsmalldictionary  " by Luc TEYSSIER d'ORFEUIL & Jean Pierre MAGNES - Bréal Editions

You can decide to live happily and this book let will help you to be aware of your own resources without not always being sure how to use them. The accompanying practical advices to each word of this little dictionary will allow you to take a fresh look at yourself and develop your positive emotions. Do not wait anylonger to live better  !

  "Give a good image of yourself " by Aude ROY - Intereditions Publication 

This booklet reveals the language of shapes, colours and clothes.  With many  examples, it helps you find the adequate « look » , whether you have a job interview, attend a meeting or share a face-to-face intimate evening. You just want to be true to yourself, show who you really are ; the adequate “look” reveals and highlights your personality, it makes you truthful and reliable to others. Your “look” is to be seen as a strategy to reach your targets, it adapts to its goal and to the person you meet with ; your “look” is the salesman of your talent, it combines the pleasure of being yourself and « the marketing of yourself » and it knows the difference ; it respects your well-being,  yourself and treats you kind

  "The efficient note taking " by Ysabelle LE MILLIN - Founder of the method

How to write faster making sure to be able to read over? How to take notes without losing the essential element of the information? How to gain time and efficiency when retranscribing the information?  Thanks to this book that is proposing a cunning method to have good reflexes for fast writing and can allow a reliable and intelligent note- taking. This method applies to any kind of situation of note-taking (conferences, courses, meetings, interviews...) and foreign languages (English, Spanish...). Find also audio exercises to download in order to improve your speed [click here ]

  " Get rid of stress" by Philippe RODET - An emergency doctor tells it all ...

Explanations based on the author's experience, to understand stress better, where it comes from, how it works and how to fight against it.

In this book, he gives us practical advice, remarks taken from the daily experience, anecdotes. Everyone will be able to benefit from short stories or suggestions, both for private as well as for professional life, especially for those working in companies facing difficulties and who could use precious help. (Jacqueline de Romilly, de l'Académie Française).


Practice books written by Pierre CLAUSE and his Partner(s)

Train your creativity! Quizzes, real situations, observation exercices Here is our exercise book to stimulate and muscle you creative potential, in your private and professional life

Get rid of your stress What is the link between stress and creativity? It's easy: bad stress stiffens us and drives us crazy. When we experience less bad stress, our creativity opens up: ideas flow more freely, and we reconnect ...

The exercise books are published by ESF publications, Collection Management / Professional efficiency. They are sold in any book store or directly by Nextcreativity


Christine HARACHE

The Assistant's job everything you want to know about it - Dunod Publications
The ideal book to help you learn everything about the Assistant's job, this book offers an updated and comprehensive content, proven tips and tricks that make this book a useful tool enhanced by illustrations, index-cards and check-lists .

Professional Assistants - Eyrolles Publications
This guide constitutes a useful tool that will help you develop your technical skills, strengthen your personal qualities, and improve your efficiency. Built upon four key missions of an assistant « welcome, process information, communicate, organize".

Organize and update classification - ESF Publications
This guide is undeniably down to earth. It deals with the methodological contributions needed to create, recreate, update classification and handle the archives of your department. The guide offers many tools, tips and useful tricks .

The Assistant's tool box - Dunod Publications
Discover 61 tools that respond to the actual challenges of working as an assistant. Each tool is clearly presented: usage context, stages of implementation, advice, advantages and precautions .


Dorothée BAZIN

Discover the Best Practices of team assistants - Démos Publications
From solo secretariat to co-efficiency. The authors reveal how to initiate a better co-efficiency between assistants and their managers on the one hand, and among themselves on the other hand .

Secretaries, assistants: Dare this training! - Dunod Publications
This practical guide will help you take stock of your professional assets; build your career plan, discover the different means to train (Individual Training Holiday, Validation of Acquired Experience, Individual Training Request, ); efficiently negotiate your training with your employer. This book is for all those who want to stay in the race. The extras: job description cards, action plans and valuable testimonials

The Secretary and Assistant's guide from A to Z - Dunod Publications
The purpose of this guide is to help you bring real added value to your job. It offers a wide array of information you will need for each activity .

  Josette DUBOST

Time Mastered or the Efficient Secretary - Démos Publications
This practical guide offers many ideas and is a key addition to your technical training. It targets future secretaries as well as working secretaries who wish to optimize their performances .

  Béatrice CARROT

I am overwhelmed at home! - Les carnets de l'info Publications
A short survival guide for better home organization and greater peace of mind. This book presents with humor, proven tools and methods of organization, as well as advice and tips for your daily life that will also prove invaluable in your professional life .