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The assistant, an essential interface within an unstable professional world

The traditional representation of the assistant to one single executive manager and simple performer is out-of-date! Sincethe appearance of computing, secretaries and assistants are better equipped and more interactive. They have seen their scope of competencies extendingin favor of more qualified and responsible jobs. Assisting several senior executives, being a key player between the managers and their interlocutors, information processing, updating and setting-up database…arefrom now on the assistant’s core business. Their key communicating role between the company/service and outside players is a contributing factor in their role of coordination and organization within the team.

Our job has become a cross-functional job, present in every level and any kind of structures, from small companies to Corporates. It contributes to organizations’ performance within the companies. They are henceforth the essential links, that every day, anticipate, organize the activities, coordinate the projects, smooth the communication flows, deal with the strategic information, and consequently make managers and their teams save time and efficiency.

Becoming more technical and much more oriented to the labor world, the acquisition of new competencies is essential, especially in the fields of technologies, information and communication and organization: command of new tools (NTIC), collaborative work environment, project managing, international working environment… If general and technical competencies are essential, a successful career also depends on interpersonal skills: discretion, diplomacy, organized, being a good communicator, autonomy, responsible, multi-tasking, capable of managing priorities and last-minute changes, resistance to stress, positive awareness.


It is up to us to give the full scope we want to give to our job !

Facing the core business’evolutions, the structures’ development and the working habits, it is essential to strengthen its employability, to boost its career or speed up its return to working life by following training throughout its career in order to be able to keep up with the best level, to adapt quickly oneself, to be reactive, to be efficient and immediately operational, and toanticipate the needs of the companies and the managers.

If you wish to be an active player of your professional life, to develop, to optimize and to acquire new skills… then join our professional network with men and women, secretaries, assistants and office managers, a place of exchange, a real community to share ideas, information, experiences and know-how.

Joining Cercle Assist’Pro is to anticipate the skills of tomorrow and fall within a development approach. Also, it is an open-mindedness to get trained and keep oneself informed and reach a better professional evolution.

"To excel in one's chosen profession one must be an enthusiast " - Denis DIDEROT

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